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The Aoba International Lounge is entrusted by the city of Yokohama to autonomously run international cross culture activities by local community volunteers.  
Rubella Outbreaks
 -Rubella Vaccination Cost subsidized by the Yokohama City
Out-of-Pocket Cost is 3,000 yen.
-Who should be vaccinated: Yokohama citizens who are
   1) women who are planning on having a child (* women should not be vaccinated during pregnancy)
   2) a man who is a partner of a pregnant woman
 -The Risk of Rubella:
   If a woman without immunity to rubella catches rubella in the early stages of pregnancy, her child can suffer hearing, heart and eye defects.
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汉  语: 星期三   9:30-13:30
한 글: 토요일반  9:30-13:30
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 Influenza A(H1N1)
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 School Guidebook for Returning Families and Foreign Families
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The 18th Children's Art Exhibition


Jan. 14-17, 2014 Aoba Ward Hall

Morning Coffee

Come on and joinn us to chat with neighbors having a cup of coffee!

   10:30-12:00 2 February (Sun), 2014

 The 17th Children's Art Exhibition 2012 on Web


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The New Residency Management System

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Immigration Bureau of Japan
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Japanese Classes
Supplementary Class for Foreign Children
Communication Support between Schools and Families
・Lesson for small group
・Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
・Every class 300 yen per month
・You can join anytime
・Event for every class

・Volunteer provides teaching for   School homework, Japanese   Language
・From 5 to 15 years old
・Wednesday free of charge
・Various teaching materials

・Help from a School Communication Supporter. (SCS)
・Please contact the Lounge desk for communication assistance with School, Kindergarten, or Guardian.
Foreign Language

Past Event
Interpretation and Translation for Daily Living
・English Class
・Chinese Class
・Korean Class
・Italian Class

・Morning Coffee
・Afternoon Tea
・Speeches in Japanese by Foreign Residents
・International Children's Art Exhibition
・Kumin-Koryu Center Festival
・New Year's Gathering
・Discussion in Plain English

When you have difficulty in Japanese
・at City Hall or Health and Welfare Center
・at Hospital, Bank or Store,
Please contact Lounge desk.
Independent activity groups Looking for Volunteers
Various international exchange group in this lounge For foreigners, we are looking for volunteers
横浜市 青葉国際交流ラウンジ 〒227-0064 横浜市青葉区田奈町76 電話 045-989-5266 FAX 045-982-0701 E-Mail:
開館時間:月曜日-土曜日 9:00-21:00、 日曜日・祝日:9:00-17:00、 休館日:毎月第4日曜日及び年末年始  Top of This Page
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